Conference Date
May 15-16, 2017
Crossroads Fellowship Church | Raleigh, NC
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Synchronizing Sundays: Where Tech, Communications, Worship and Facilities Meet

May 15, 1:15pm - 2:15pm
Michael Edgar Myers

Founding Director
Kingdom Impact Theater Ministries

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For Communications, Tech Arts, and Worship Artists: The addition of media has complicated the delivery of the Service of Worship. The more elements used, the higher the stress level, the lower the worship experience for those who serve.  "Synchronizing Sundays" analyzes how tech teams and creative presenters approach preparation for weekend worship, then offers practical steps and hands-on opportunities to bring the various components involved in the service into unity.  Exercises in team building and interpersonal communication are used to help coordinate planning, minimize conflict and elevate spiritual growth in the most intense circumstances.  Recommended for pastors, graphic designers, musicians, even ushers, videographers and sound engineers who are engaged using media and exporting media to share the Gospel of Christ.  Although non-traditional in presentation, "Synchronizing Sundays" includes proven practices in communication and discipling that allow team members to connect with God earlier and stronger in preparation, and thus create a more enriching worship experience for themselves and for the congregation.

Learning Objective 1: The attendee should leave with a higher awareness of the technicians' contribution to the spiritual health of the church by demonstrating better team communication and practical skills to implement immediately.

Learning Objective 2: This session is an opportunity for conversation between existing church tech teams, creative teams and pastoral staffs from one church, or from representatives of those ministry areas from differing congregations to grow by sharing resources and experiences. Musicians with instruments welcomed.

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