Conference Date
May 15-16, 2017
Crossroads Fellowship Church | Raleigh, NC
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What’s NEW in 2017?

There are four distinct tracks at REACH (Tech Arts, Building Projects and Security, Communications, and Worship Arts) however, NEW this year at REACH we are also offering cross-functional team training sessions.

By attending sessions with other members of your team you’ll  enhance team collaboration, have a better understanding of roles and responsibilities besides your own and reduce friction between conflicting goals and leadership styles. The following REACH sessions appeal to multiple positions (or disciplines) within the church and we encourage you to attend them together with other team members from your church:


PARTNERSHIP WITH INTEGRITY MUSIC: The WFX Network announced a partnership with Integrity Music through its platform to produce the worship team training at REACH. Worship sessions feature in-depth worship team and technology training taught by artists, songwriters, and musicians facilitated by Integrity Music

Larger than ever SPONSOR SHOWCASE with over 50 products and solutions just for churches. Yes, all under one roof you can ask questions, learn about new products and interact with the latest technology.

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Every church has a story. Imagine all that you can learn by talking to other churches who have faced similar challenges. Learn from other success stories and struggles and make lasting connections that truly build ‘forever lasting’ community well beyond your time at REACH.


2017 Research Highlights. We Want to Share our Findings with You...

Have you heard? We’ve done the research and found the answers. The WFX Network (WFX Events, Worship Facilities Magazine, and Worship Tech Director) undertook two extensive research studies and we want to share everything we learned with you:

  1. The State of Church Communications, A deep dive into the emerging and rapidly evolving world of church communications: We found that although there is no single path or single answer for navigating the development and execution of communication plans, there are effective and manageable ways to leverage available tools. Our Communications Track at the REACH Conference will unveil our findings,  facilitate a platform for dialog and learning and help you pave the way for successful communication strategies to implement at your church.
  2. Benchmark Study to determine if churches, in this day of terror and violence, are a potential target for attacks, threats or vandalism: The results are an emphatic YES! Our safety and security sessions help you to discover your readiness and what action needs to be taken to ensure your congregation and property are rightly protected and you avoid potential liability.